DiscoNoise started as a concept that Vanessa Lefevre promoted in the Boston Area as Noise Disco.
From that beginning discoNoise launched at the legendary Palms restaurant in Wonder Valley on August 16, 2014. The line up was Hernia, Alien Adjenda and phog masheeen. Dancing at this event were Wonder Hussy and Delilah.
The question were were posed with was "What would it take to get people in the room at a noise show. More than just the other performers." So Noise, Beats, Video and Dancers became the recipe for "Experimental Music You Can Dance to!" 
The way it runs is like this. There are three performers set up on stage. They perform sequentially twenty minute sets then we run the sequence again. Each performer gets two twenty minute sets. Lots of time for dancers and video mayhem! No breaks in the music.
Now discoNoise is a series in Long Beach. In the future we will return to the desert!


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