Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sonia Fierce interview up on YouTube!

Sonia Fierce will be joining us on July 10th at discoNoise. We interviewed her and discussed her roots in punk rock, her path to noise and her gear. It is a great interview! Stunning video by William Almas. Check it out!

Monday, June 15, 2015

DiscoNoise Opening Night! Pics from Richard Shimizu!

Big Epoch
Jack Pharaoh

William Almas, Video Projections
DiscoNoise was out of the gate with great sets from Jack Pharaoh, Big Epoch and Sumako. William Almas activated the walls with video and Maha and Company electrified the room with dance!

Disco Noise will be back July 10th for the second edition featuring, Skunk Puppet and Gatatech with Sonia Fierce. Check back here for the Sonia Fierce interview!

All photos by Richard Shimizu!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Counting down to the first discoNoise of summer!

We are counting down to the first discoNoise of summer.
William Almas is projecting video!
Dancers from the world famous Maha and Company dance troup will be joining us.
And we have an amazing line up of artists for this first discoNoise!

Jack Pharaoh!
Is a Long Beach local that specializes and produces : Trip Hop, Experimental Electronica, Performance based beats, Electronic Jazz, Dance, and more!
As stated in his bio, "Jack Pharaoh continues to pursue the magic of making music through technology and bringing live performance to the stage to show that DJing and electronic music is not just pressing play."

Big Epoch!
To watch Big Epoch perform is a revelation of what can be done with various DJ tools and groove boxes. His fluidity on these instruments is like watching one of the musical legends at the top of their game. The Big Epoch performance is not just about technique, it is his freshness of approach that sets him apart! 

Sumako Artist will be stepping in for Pulsating Cyst this evening.
Sumako is a respected noise artist in Long Beach. His work has been featured with Toaster Music in an ongoing set at the Expo Design Center at the first Friday art walk. He is a legend of texture and sound design!

Facebook event page:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disco Noise comes to Long Beach! Dancing to Noise is the Dance of the Future!

After field testing in Wonder Valley last August, Disco Noise is coming to Long Beach on the second fridays of June, July and August. Mark your calendar!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pics from Jawbone Canyon....

The Duodenum in action!

Warming up the horn...

These are pics from last Friday's (5-8-15) JaWboNeE 2015 Dust strEams and FiRe! in Jawbone Canyon (By Mojave California) put on by the Hop-frog Collective. We hit the stage at midnight and rolled out all the toys, dry ice included.

From time to time I get someone asking me what I am up to, or "How's retirement?" The Dust Streams and Fire event in Jawbone Canyon is a fine example of "what I'm up to..."

The short version is to drive past Mojave to Jawbone Canyon. Where the "wild west" is now portrayed by quad runners and people exercising their AK-47s. Arriving at a rocky outcropping that is shaped as a "stage" where the rocks form a ring and it is easy to perch the generator out of earshot. This little enclosed area the Hop-frog collective have chosen as the site for their annual tribal gathering. Titled JaWboNeE 2015 Dust strEams and FiRe! this years event is the most recent in a succession of events that started in the early 90's. 

What I do there is to create a moving texture of sound using modified loops and then to play wind instruments that I have made from exhaust pipes over the top of that. Dry ice is involved.

Retirement is great! I recommend it for everyone! 

Thanks to Carl Off for the photos.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phog masheeen tracks on Ass Jazz Vol. 3

It is with great pleasure that we remind you that phog masheeen has been included in Pet Goat Records release Ass Jazz Vol. 3
The Ass Jazz series features the cutting edge of Noise with a Jazz lilt to it.
The phog masheeen track "Hard Liquor and Reruns" features some fine dry ice work.
So if you are a fan of the phog masheeen affectation for dry ice this is a fine sample of that work in a "quasi-tonal" noir setting. It is an excellent soundtrack for a stifling afternoon in a lowrise hollywood tenament, with the mood enhancers wearing off and nothing to replace the void...
Dig it here:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Phog masheeen performing this Sunday 4-19-15 5:30 PM at CALB 729 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802.
Performing with Andrea Pensado and Isolde Tough. These Performers are ending their tour in Long Beach and are not to be missed! They killed it big time at Wonder Valley Experimental last weekend and you will forever live in regret if you miss their Long Beach show!