Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snippet from NYC dance with phog masheeen track...


I didn't make it to New York for the Colby dance performance. But I did get this snippet of the event. Check it out, it wont take long.

From "The Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold."

Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Glaciers Know The Score" to be used in New York City dance production...

This is interesting... I got an email regarding the use of a track from "The Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold" for a dance production. It is happening next weekend (Jan. 29-30) in New York City. Here is this link for more info: 
Here is the ticket link: 
If you aren't in the mood to pay, we are offering free tickets with the code "Mules," which we are spreading liberally.

If you know someone in New York that needs something to do for free...Please share this info with them.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Great Work Begins on booking the Wonder Valley Experimental Festival...

In the dark days of winter, spring in the desert seems impossibly distant. However that is when we begin to assemble the line up for the WVE8 (Wonder Valley Experimental 8). It also seems amazing that this is the eighth iteration of this event.

Pulsating Cyst will be headlining this year. I am very excited about this his performances are ambitious and amazing.

The rest of the lineup will be released closer to the event date.

We are hosting performers from near and far.

The Event page on Facebook is here:

Stay tuned for updates on this page, twitter and facebook.

There is a badge to follow phog masheeen on twitter to the right of this post, just scroll down to find it.

Stay Tuned....Mark the calendar for April 9th!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A new festive holiday song from phog masheeen!
Festive shotgun shell wreaths at the Yucca Valley Swapmeet.
Yes ladies and gentlemen there is a new festive holiday song from phog masheeen!
You can download it here for FREE! Here is the link:

The song is titled "It Will Always Be Christmas (In Hell)."

Yes, I sang the chorus into my phone while crossing the parking lot leaving the Home Depot.
I recorded it this afternoon while cooking a ham for a Solstice party.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Santa Ana Noisefest declared a victory, done complaining about my gear....

Photo by Mikey Ortega
The Santa Ana Noise Fest 7 was glorious fun!  A convivial supportive crowd in attendance! Great Sets all around.

William Almas supplied amazing visuals for many of the acts!

My gear wanted a more aggressive  set, so it made one. I am feeling even more distantly involved in the proceedings. I am in a mood to take it all apart and rebuild it again. After spraying it down with contact cleaner.

Now I am done  complaining about my gear.

this years noise cake after the frosting settled in.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Minor change to the line up for Santa Ana Noisefest 7....

There is a minor change to the line up. I traded with Virons.
Don't forget to RSVP to get in FREE!
Do that here:

/// SANF7 11-21-15 LINE UP rev.1///

10:40 PM:: Endometruim Cuntplow
10:20 PM:: Diclonius
[10:00 to 10:20 Set up]

9:40 PM:: X-Bax
9:20 PM:: Virons
9:00 PM:: Colony Collapse
[8:40 to 9:00 Set up]

8:20 PM:: Cold Grey Eye
8:00 PM:: see through buildings
7:40 PM:: Sean Saraf
[7:20 to 7:40 Set up]

7:00 PM:: Phog Masheeen
6:40 PM:: George Bates
6:20 PM:: Charles Sharp
[6:00 to 6:20 Set up]

5:40 PM:: Small Drone Orchestra
5:20 PM:: Jesus is Dead
5:00 PM::Justin Scheid
[4:00 Load in]

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Go where the gear takes you...Some notes on performing at La Cita Bar....

The noise genre has alot to do with such...I made an odd decision a while back that has continued to guide my performances today.
A couple years ago I performed at the Dung Mummy in Jawbone Canyon, out past Mojave. The weather was harsh and as it turned out I performed in a downpour of rain. Sheets of rain. Horizontal rain. Rain like a firehose. I saw water cascading off my samplers and mixer onto my pedals below. The event is presented in the video Phog masheeen live Jawbone Canyon 4-25-2014, The Edge of Electrocution. Available for your perusal here.

Some notable attributes of that performance were, which devices failed and when they failed. The photo at the top of this post is the gear drying in the sun. After which, I placed it in plastic bags with white rice to draw out the remaining  moisture.

The key point here  is this is all the gear that I still use now. It is not the same as it was before the rain and it has developed some issues about what it will and wont do. Stated differently, it has not and will not forgive me for my lapse in judgement.

I was reminded again at La Cita Bar that the gear has a will and direction of its own. I tested the gear at home and was confident that all was well. I have seen this ruse before and have fallen for it before.
As the show at La Cita progressed the sampler stopped filtering external sources. It didn't stop. It just stopped filtering. It passed the signal unfiltered. The pedals jumped in on the fun by developing a hair-trigger attitude about all their functions. As if they were bad employees that had a mindset of "you want more gain, I got your gain! Right Here!" Clearly the mechanical bull was off the pedestal and was trashing the bar.

So what was the take away from this event. Or this change of terms of employment of these devices.
Here is the list:

Planning is a myth. You may have an idea of what you would like. That will have no bearing on what is delivered.

The machines are more than equal partners. It is my job to transport them to the gig, provide them with power and beyond that they do what they want.

Finally, It can sound better if I get out of the way of my damaged goods and let them do their thing.

This is what happens when you don't replace the gear and watch as it ages and develops character.