Monday, August 24, 2015

A big THANK YOU to all the performers at discoNoise, then on to Norcal Noisefest!

A big THANK YOU to all the performers at discoNoise!
Jack Pharaoh, Big Epoch, Sumako Artist, Phaul, Skunk Puppet, Jorge Martin, Potar and ... phog masheeen.
Thanks again to Maha and Company for dancing (especially Edgar and Deseree who filled in for the July show).
Thanks again for William Almas for the amazing Video.
Thanks to Eric Strauss for covering the Video in July.
Thanks to the extra percussionists in August, Mitz, Mel and Francene.

Thank you Edgar for the very cool video you put together!
You can see it here:
And Here:

Moving right along....
Next stop the Norcal Noisefest!

Phog masheeen will be performing on Saturday October 3rd. At Cafe Colonial. If you are in Sacramento we would love to meet you. Come on Down!

Monday, August 10, 2015

DiscoNoise TOMORROW Friday 8-14-15! Last chance this summer!

The final discoNoise of this summer occurs TOMORROW!

Performing August 14th, Potar, Jorge Martin and phog masheeen. For this show we are inviting our hand druming friends to join us. So Bring your Djembe and come on down. Maha and company will be dancing. Video by Bill Almas. Sumako of Toaster Music will be the Third Stage Groove Navigator for this session. This is the last one of the summer! If you have been procrastinating this is the one to see.

Facebook event page here:

Potar interview here:

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Potar Interview Is up!

Performing at the third and final discoNoise of summer is the pre-eminent circuit bender Potar! Here is interviewed regarding his history in circuit bending and his current projects.
Mark your calendar! August 14th, CALB 729 Pine St, Long Beach. Doors at 7:30 Music at 8:00. $5.00 suggested donation (no one turned away for lack of funds!) 

You can check it out with the link below. Thank you William Almas for the amazing video. If you start watching it in the blog. Hit the "F" and go full screen. It is lovely!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Changing it up in August!

After a splendid show with Phaul & Skunk Puppet and dancers Edgar and Deseree we are moving on to the third and final discoNoise of Summer 2015!  In another inovative twist, we are inviting hand drummers to pack up their djembe and come on down and jam with us. More beat = more fun!
Performing in August, circuit bender Potar, modular synthesist Jorge Martin and phog masheeen!
Come on down and join in the fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A change in the lineup....

There has been a change in the lineup to discoNoise tomorrow. Emily Hay will now be joining us.
You can check out Emily at her web site:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Long Beach Post article on this Friday's discoNoise!

Sound to Pine Avenue

The second installment of DiscoNoise, a three-part summer series of sonic events featuring an adventurous program of music and dance beats created by “noise artists” for your curious ears and toe-tapping tendencies, will take place on Friday evening, July 10.
Bent circuits, plug-ins, sine wave generators and video projections will fill the Bungalow Art Center on Pine Avenue for all those interested in an evening of experimental sound.  
Sonia Fierce of GataTECH, who discovered the open-ended universe of electronic music while taking classes to learn the recording trade, will be taking the stage during DiscoNoise.
With a background in punk rock and her self-described "mad scientist" inclinations toward her musical art, Fierce breathes new life into thrift store toys by re-wiring their circuits to make strange new sounds, which become the building blocks for musical structures made with live sampling and manipulation to build her set.
SoniaFierceMark Soden, DiscoNoise’s organizer, explained the science and art of circuit bending, Sonia Fierce’s specialty.
“Circuit bending is the craft of opening a noise-making device such as a child’s toy and soldering jumper wires on the circuit board to get it to malfunction in interesting ways or ‘glitch,'" he said. 
Skunk Puppet is a Long Beach local immersed in the all-digital realm of sound production. Using a collection of myriad applications, plugins and digital audio workstations, this noise artist’s act is a combination of performance-based composition and algorithmic layers.
“One of his mainstays is a software that filters sound through a virtual trachea," said Soden. "This lends a vocal or animal sound to his work. However, the virtual trachea offers attributes that are not found in the animals on our planet. So in many cases these are animals you have never heard before.”
Another local to Long Beach, performer Phaul rescues sine wave generators and other electronic test equipment to use in ways they were never intended. According to the announcement, “these tools produce amazing sonic results that will blow your mind.”
This event will be staged at the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach “Bungalow Art Center,” 729 Pine Avenue. Doors open at 7:30PM, music begins at 8:00PM. A $5 donation is requested, however no one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information and performer interviews, click here. The next and last Disco Noise will take place on Friday, August 14.
Images courtesy of GataTECH and Disco Noise.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sonia Fierce interview up on YouTube!

Sonia Fierce will be joining us on July 10th at discoNoise. We interviewed her and discussed her roots in punk rock, her path to noise and her gear. It is a great interview! Stunning video by William Almas. Check it out!