Monday, May 11, 2015

Pics from Jawbone Canyon....

The Duodenum in action!

Warming up the horn...

These are pics from last Friday's (5-8-15) JaWboNeE 2015 Dust strEams and FiRe! in Jawbone Canyon (By Mojave California) put on by the Hop-frog Collective. We hit the stage at midnight and rolled out all the toys, dry ice included.

From time to time I get someone asking me what I am up to, or "How's retirement?" The Dust Streams and Fire event in Jawbone Canyon is a fine example of "what I'm up to..."

The short version is to drive past Mojave to Jawbone Canyon. Where the "wild west" is now portrayed by quad runners and people exercising their AK-47s. Arriving at a rocky outcropping that is shaped as a "stage" where the rocks form a ring and it is easy to perch the generator out of earshot. This little enclosed area the Hop-frog collective have chosen as the site for their annual tribal gathering. Titled JaWboNeE 2015 Dust strEams and FiRe! this years event is the most recent in a succession of events that started in the early 90's. 

What I do there is to create a moving texture of sound using modified loops and then to play wind instruments that I have made from exhaust pipes over the top of that. Dry ice is involved.

Retirement is great! I recommend it for everyone! 

Thanks to Carl Off for the photos.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phog masheeen tracks on Ass Jazz Vol. 3

It is with great pleasure that we remind you that phog masheeen has been included in Pet Goat Records release Ass Jazz Vol. 3
The Ass Jazz series features the cutting edge of Noise with a Jazz lilt to it.
The phog masheeen track "Hard Liquor and Reruns" features some fine dry ice work.
So if you are a fan of the phog masheeen affectation for dry ice this is a fine sample of that work in a "quasi-tonal" noir setting. It is an excellent soundtrack for a stifling afternoon in a lowrise hollywood tenament, with the mood enhancers wearing off and nothing to replace the void...
Dig it here:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Phog masheeen performing this Sunday 4-19-15 5:30 PM at CALB 729 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802.
Performing with Andrea Pensado and Isolde Tough. These Performers are ending their tour in Long Beach and are not to be missed! They killed it big time at Wonder Valley Experimental last weekend and you will forever live in regret if you miss their Long Beach show!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Calb Video Now up! WVE7 and Jawbone coming! We are promoting Andrea Pensado/Alien Ajenda @ the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree

William Almas outstanding new video of the phog masheeen large ensemble is up on YouTube here:

It is a stunning work not to be missed! Click the title (phog masheeen live at the CALB) in the upper left to watch full screen on youtube. Some of the wide format is cut off on the blog page.

Upcoming Shows! WVE7
Jawbone Canyon...

And we are promoting Andrea Pensado and Cat Livingston (aka Alien Agenda) at the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree. April 12, 2014 at 7:30PM. The Epic Flyer is by Rik Livingston. Truely a work of Genious!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Phog masheeen large ensemble to close William Almas art show in Long Beach 1-25-15

At long last phog masheeen returns to Long Beach on 1-25-15, 1:00 pm, 729 Pine Ave. Long Beach CA. FREE!

This is a unique gig in that phog masheeen is augmented with the talents of Shauna Toh, Tom Neas and Jeff Bostock as well as the regular phog masheeen contributors Eric Strauss, Dr. Kaplan and Mark Soden Jr.

More people = more noise.

Mark your calendar and come on down!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Why you will be a better person when you purchase the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette!

The SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette was spawned when Eric Strauss and I were walking to get coffee during this years NorCal Noisefest. We saw a short phrase written on diamond plate steel with an arc welder. SMUD was the term that caught our eye. We concluded that it was a great name. Eric recorded the SMUD side and I recorded the Sludge Oven side. A cassette seemed to be the proper form for such an endeavor, only four are available on EBay from a run of ten copies. If you want one, you can get it here:
Don't delay, buy today!

Both SMUD and Sludge Oven are individually the preeminent arbiters of the highest order of sonic experimentation and noise music. On this rare occasion they have come together to produce a cassette that is at once cleansing, therapeutic and brutal. Although initially SMUD Vs Sludge Oven may appear to the uninitiated to have much in common with the tools of sonic warfare used to extract unreliable information from non-state actors and enemy combatants. This cassette offers you and your family so much more.

First let me describe what you get!

The SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette is a limited run of ten. That’s right! There are only ten of these cassettes made and of that ten, only four are being offered on for sale on Ebay.

With the cassette you will receive two stickers and a button. A person can never have enough stickers and a button will offer new ways to accessorize whatever outfit you choose.

With the  stickers and a button you will receive a small plastic action figure locked in perpetual battle.

But that’s not all! In the decorative sealed plastic wrapper you will receive a copy of this ad to describe to your descendants the importance of the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette and with create a lasting family heirloom to be handed from generation to generation in perpetuity. At family gatherings during the holidays, imagine the warmth of gathering by the antique boom box to experience the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette together! These are priceless memories that can only be had with your purchase of the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven Cassette.

But wait! There’s more!

The therapeutic aspect of the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette cannot be over stated. The audio program on the SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassette is packed with uplifting subliminal messages that in some cases have cured constipation, flakey skin and over sensitive hearing. However, the subliminal messages are many and varied so there is no telling what it will cure for you!

Act now! There are only four SMUD Vs Sludge Oven cassettes available! Do not hesitate and miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! 

All Sales Final. 

No returns.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

phog masheeen added to Santa Ana Noise Fest 6!

Phog Masheeen is in for Santa Ana Noise Fest #6.
Please RSVP for your free Tickets here:

Should you show up without an rsvp it is $10.00 at the door. We don't want you to pay that when it is FREE with an RSVP.

Please share this with your friends!