Wonder Valley Experimental Festival

Check out this Killer article in The Washington Post that mentions Wonder Valley Experimental.
It is mentioned in the article and in the listings at the end. Thank You  Melanie D.G. Kaplan.
Link Here!

This is the radio spot we wanted on KCRW. However, they had a different idea.
Audio by Skunk Puppet and video by William Almas.

William Almas designed flyer for WVE 11.

We are proud to announce the Line Up for Wonder Valley Experimental 11.

11:40 PM Crank Sturgeon
11:20 Patio - Nitro Donkey

11:00 PM Enrichd White 
10:40 PM Eric Dahlman (Boston)
10:20 PM Zwellz!
10:00 Patio J3M5  

9:40 PM Trash Pandas of the Sky
9:20 PM Loop Goat
9:00 PM Violin K Sonata
8:40 Patio - War Hippy 

8:20 PM The Brutal Poodle
8:00 PM Amps for Christ
7:40 PM Skunk Puppet
7:20 Patio - Martin Espino

7:00 PM  So Ar Shunna Sordal                         Sunset 7:07
6:40 PM The Hostile Hippies
6:20 PM Greychurch
6:00 Patio - Carey Fosse

5:40 PM Hongo Killer
5:20 PM Z.Vital
5:00 PM phog masheeen

4:00 Load in

In addition to WVE11, the same weekend will be "Incantations" promoted by Mojave Sound Art. Last year they had a full brace of installations spread around Wonder Valley and beyond. Come out early or stay late and enjoy "Incantations." https://www.mojavesoundart.com/

Save the date...Saturday March 30, 2019 Wonder Valley Experimental 11 returns to the Palms Restaurant for another epic show. Still fun and free with free camping on site the night of the event.

Also happening in the neighborhood at the same time the Incantations installations will be out for your inspection. So if you come to the desert early or if you have time on your way out of town, there is more to do in the greater Wonder Valley area!

You might be thinking....why should I want to go to this? You might want to check out some videos of past years. Here is the LINK.