Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Tools, Pick-0-Phone, Boise Bundts +1

Check this out ladies and gentlemen, new phog masheeen tools to bring the noise.
The Boise Bundts are joined by the recently acquired Yucca Valley Bundt. Colored Orange the Yucca Valley Bundt is a prize indeed bringing an A concert to the Bundt rack.
In the lower front of the photo is the Pick-0-Phone. Utilizing pick heads as an instant idiophone. The Pick-0-Phone brings a skewed version of tonal music to the noise of phog masheeen. I am planning to lay out the electronics and see what this setup has to offer.
Ok here is the setup with the electronics.
Here is the link to how it sounds (Dig if you will the Barking cadenza performed by Red (the dog):

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