Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soundwalk 2011 recording up for your amusment and perusal

A distilled one hour and seventeeen minute version of the phog masheeen five hour soundwalk performances is available here

Here is the hyperbole attached to the file:
A one hour seventeen minute composite of the five hour phog masheeen performance at the Soundwalk in Long Beach, CA 10-1-2011. Performers William Almas, Dr. Kaplan, Ryan Hunt, Eric Strauss and Mark Soden Jr. Highlights include, the debut of the Pick-0-phone. (a musical instruments constructed of railroad picks, bundt pans and a plow disk from a tractor) and the Duodenum (an instrument constructed from a motorcycle exhaust) receiving a dry-ice rub down. The general tone is lovely, abrasive and percussively alluring. A defining moment in West Coast Free Noise and Post-Industrial Exotica!

We here at phog masheeen understand that the likelyhood that people are able to schedule anything these days is slim. So we provide as many ways as we can devise to allow you to timeshift our performances to fit your schedule.


the management 

Here is the streaming option to experience this file.

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