Thursday, February 23, 2012

The great work continues, Palm Springs, Heat and Cold, WVE4 Flyer!

The view up.
Preparations for the Palm Springs Art Museum show have shifted into high gear. After careful evaluation of the site and a full review of the "Backyard Oasis" show that is running and will be up when phog masheeen performs for the free second Sunday on March 11, 2012 at 1:00 pm. A flurry of activity has ensued. Field recordings of the inner workings of swimming pools has occurred and new videos are in production for the March 11th performance. If you are in the neighborhood or out to the desert for the day. The show has the additional selling point of being FREE!

the Atrium at ground level. Look for us here!

Work on the Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold continues with recordings of the character of Cold. Voiced by the eminent actress Lisa Black. More Recordings of the Shambler and the newest addition to the Shambler class of instruments, the Shambone occurred at the phog masheeen desert enclave in Joshua Tree.
Shambone on left and Shambler on right with their creator Eric Strauss in the background.

Coming to a Wonder Valley near you, WVE4!

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