Monday, December 2, 2013

Revenge of the Noise, 2007 NorCal NoiseFest Compilation, SCOW returns and SANF5

There are some New offerings from The Instagon Foundation (TIF) that have phog masheeen tracks.

The first is the long anticipated Revenge of the Noise. Which features noise covers of classic punk-rock songs. Phog masheeen covers "Smash it up" by the Damned. Click on the graphic!

and SCOW returns with a cover of "Sonic Reducer" by the Dead Boys. Click on the graphic!

Here is the link to get all the tracks:

In the ongoing releases of the Noisefest documentary CDs The 2007 edition is now on Bandcamp. Phog masheeen has the lead track

Phog masheeen also opened last weekend's Santa Ana Noise Fest #5. On this occasion we were Joined by Craig Sibley who performed on a variety of instruments. Most notably his "Chicken-phone."

Here is Craig's description of the "Chicken-phone."

The history of the Chicken-Phone goes back to when I lived in Fullerton, where we had a large yard behind the house complete with a chicken coop. One day while cleaning up the yard, I set a tomato trellis on top of a chicken "nesting box". I tossed a brick over where it hit the box and trellis and it made the most remarkable sound. I promptly took the objects into the garage, added some guitar strings and immediately fell in love with the instrument, where I used it on a variety of projects including a sound track on a film called "Menagerie" (complete with chicken poop and everything). Since then, I have built a nice version of the instrument (without poop) and love the thing! It has a bass string, and a guitar string, can be struck with drum sticks, plucked or bowed for some very strange and wonderful sounds!

Look for the recording of SANF5 to be up soon! With Chicken-phone and Dr. Kaplan's signature percussion.

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