Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My trip to the Circus, or trippin' on the circus...

The Get-Up, Silver Hat & Gloves, Lester Bowie influenced Lab Coat,    
The Work Station

There is a great thing in Joshua Tree, it is the Zircon & Wish Circus! I was honored to be part of the Ted Quinn Ensemble that closed the show on 12-26-16. Other performers in the Quinn ensemble were, Jeff Boaz, Leslie Mariah Andrews, Kip Powell, Lisa Mednick Powell and Sage Quinn-Blair.
We performed three of Ted's songs and Little Drummer Boy featuring Sage on drums.

The hosts of the event were the Aerial performing artists  Jim Zircon Oliver and Wish PoolOxte. They ended the second set of aerial performances with an amazing duet!  

Aydra and Emvy Performed as BELLSTARR. Aydra singing while spinning in the air hanging from a hula-hoop shaped trapeze.

BELLSTARR, Dishing up healthy servings of Electro-pop. Literally, raising the bar for vocal performance.

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