Monday, November 2, 2009

UEM at Redcat.

I went to see UEM play the Redcat theater in LA last night.
They scored the gig I had been angling for. It was an interesting evening. This was the "Fall Studio" show. It is the Redcats quarterly outreach to the locals to present what they are working on. There were 6 different performers with a fifteen minute slot. The material presented stretched from far eastern traditional dance styles, to vaudville, to UEM.
For their slot Bill, Andy and Jasmine titled their piece The Typhoon, the rope and the slippers. It dealt with the events and aftermath of a receint typhoon. It was in three parts. Bill played the soprano sax in the third movement. Andy had a proliforation of Gongs in play and Jasmine gave a stirring performance of keeping your head above water and sucking in air. The loops looped. The gongs, gonged. It worked for me. Then I stardted looking at the crowd.
This was a different group than I am used to. With parking at $9.00 and the entrance at $12.00.
This was a different level of arts consumer. A bit more well heeled than I was used to. I am glad I went. I have a better idea of how to pitch this gig.
It was a cool show.
Uem is playing again tonight!