Sunday, February 27, 2011

Themes for the AHC Monday night 2-28-11

As we are closing in on the Ad Hoc Committee show at the Puka Bar this Monday 2-28-11.

I thought I would share some of the themes for improvisation that we will be using.

Theme #1:
There is a Macdonald's restaurant at the bottom of the marianas trench. Play the lilting strains of muzak drifting out of the Macdomald's into the ocean 6.76 miles under water.
Theme #2:
Trained locust swarm out of a circus tent and make a break for freedom. Their one trick is to attach themselves to the face of a clown and form a beard. The clown walks back to his trailer after the show. He hears a buzzing sound before his world goes black.
Theme #3:
You Build a vehicle of bones and debris. It gets good milage but it is hard to park. Make the sound of parallel parking.

The ad hoc committee meets Monday night at the Puka Bar 710 W. Willow in Long Beach. Show starts at 8pm.

The participants for this round are Drummer Craig, David Bunion and the members of Brutal Poodle. This should be a festive and noisy evening! And FREE!

Friday, February 4, 2011

George Herms: The Artist's Life @ Redcat

The image is the "Concerto for Cell Phone and Saw" George Herms at the saw.
Wow, what a show George Herms: The Artist's Life @ Redcat in the Disney Hall.
George loves free jazz. So much he had two free jazz bands on stage. He did his thing; assemblage, live on stage. Making art on paper plates and then flying them into the audience like frisbees. In the picture you can see the spiral staircase. That was played with 2x4s. He also brought out a buoy. Not a little buoy, we are talking eight foot in diameter buoy. It was suspended and then played with 2x4s. It was like an art/noise show. Very Cool!
The one thing I think he will leave as an institution at Redcat was to Start the evening with the After-party. Everyone can feel cool.
It is going tonight and Saturday if you want to see it. Order tickets online or you will be shut out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The WVE3 flyer has arrived! Please spread it far and wide.

Mark your calendar! This is prime desert time, so plan to be there.

You can even camp on site! Which can be as informal as falling to the ground and sleeping.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am about this!