Wednesday, September 22, 2010

23 Seconds, OCCCA, Jawbone Canyon

I got an invitation to participate in the 23 seconds project that is being produced by the Autonomous Individuals Network. I submitted a fresh track called "Vessel Sink" to them. It will be popping up soon on CD and Download.

October 9th is big with performances in Bucharest with Le Placard Headphone festival and at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana. The Santa Ana performance is their second annual noise night. The last one was rather memorable. It was orchestral in size and was a test of stamina.

Le Placard is a headphone festival that I like to participate in as often as I can. The process is to stream my performance to servers in Paris and then to Rumania. The feed from that festival is varied and entertaining.

The title of the Jawbone Canyon event is "COLD SNAKES WALK FREE FROM FIRE (JAWBONE IV)," This is a free event at a campground in the Mojave Desert. We are performing on Friday Oct. 22nd. Other performers include, The Deglet Noor Fakirs, Night at Noon, Swamplands, DOG, The Upside Down Face, COTA & Phaul. Another fine opportunity for Adventure and Experimental Music!

Club Bit Map is shaping up with Igor Imokian and guests lined up for your dancing pleasure. The beats and blips will be flowing, dance lessons and costume contest! October 25th at the Puka Bar in Fabulous Long Beach. As an added touch we will be floating the classic works of experimental music over extra custom grooves. So Pierre Henry may be layered with a semi-digested throb. Looking forward to that!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Club Bit Map

I had a funny thing fall in my lap.
I received the opportunity to book a night at the Puka Bar!

So I decided to combine the drum machine culture and the cult of circuit bending into a dance club. Club Bit Map.

I am now recruiting Dancers to train the dance-phobic to move to noise.

The appeal of Club Bit Map is:
  1. It is Monday night. (no competition)
  2. It is a short 3 hour burst of dancing.
  3. It is free
  4. There will be trained professionals to show you how to dance to noise safely!
  5. It could be fun!
  6. Alcohol is available!
Talent is being contacted and promotion is beginning!

phog ... out

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soundwalk date change, Bucharest instead....

Much to my chagrin the date was changed for the Soundwalk. They moved it up a week to the 2nd of October.
I will be in Chicago on the second. So no Soundwalk this year. I can devote my full evening to Noisefest 2 at the OCCCA (Orange County Center for Contemporary Art) on October 9th.
Just to fill out the day I booked a headphone fest for the afternoon. I will be playing at 4pm in Costa Mesa at the Coastal Lair Studio and streaming to Bucharest Rumainia where it will be 2AM. I will be done in plenty of time to drive to Santa Ana for the full event of Noisefest!

If you are interested in hearing the set on Le Placard check their site

Gotta Run,