Thursday, September 6, 2012

phog masheeen visits the Soundwalk Video up now!

William Almas has completed work on the video documentation of the phog masheeen participation in Soundwalk 2012.

Pumped up, high octane visuals communicate the energy that the Soundwalk brings to the streets of Long Beach.

Available streaming and Hi-Def here:


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soundwalk 2012 recap, Monk notes...

Another festive Soundwalk has come and gone. Thanks to Ken Huntington for documenting my set in front of the Mystery Cave/Glow Room with this fine picture. I like the mobility aspect of being able to find interesting spots at interesting times. Andy Sykora was cruising the event on his bike and stopped to jam. We threw down in front of a metal gate (which was clearly marked "No Loitering" much to my delight!) things got interesting when we started playing the gate.

On a different note: I got this scan of notes from Thelonious Monk. It is part rant, part journal. I think it is interesting to see how much handwriting contributes to your knowledge of a personality. In Monk's case, print not cursive, underlining for emphasis.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Soundwalk tonight! First phog set 6:00...

Tonight is the Soundwalk. The first phog masheeen set will be at 6:00 pm on the Northeast corner of 3rd and Elm. It will be a short set before the Cerial Box Orchestra (CBO). Then we are off to the races moving about the area. Hit the twitter button to follow the tweets of where the performances are. Or look for the phog masheeen sign. Come on down! It will be fun!