Saturday, May 14, 2011

The "Boise Bundts" go Drone Crazy!

I am rolling out the "Boise Bundts" for the Le Placard headphone festival tonight at 10:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. I will be streaming to Hamburg Germany where it will be 7:00 AM.

The event in Hamburg is titled Blurred Edges. It looks to be a great festival, judging from the program.

If you want to catch the stream. Log onto the Placard Chat and get the url then open it in your media player.

Here is the recording of The Boise Bundts Go Drone Crazy! for your streaming pleasure.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wonder Valley Set is up!

The Wonder Valley Experimental 3 set is now up on the internet archive.
You can find it here.
Or listen to the stream here:

Boise Set, Bundt Pans and event notes...

Here is the Boise set for your entertainment, the link to the stream is at the bottom of this post.

It appears that people in Boise do not value their Bundt Pans.
I found two fine specimens at the Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store.
One was the extremely unfinished "holy mother of aluminum" version.
Rare indeed. The sonic qualities of cast aluminum Bundt Pans are legendary for their resonance and sustain. The bell like qualities are like a bell from a parallel universe. Route that through a contact mic and you have a gateway to a wonderland of fun.

The city of Boise is clean walkable and safe. Bill and I had a great time checking out the downtown.

The sets at the Boise Creative and Improvised Music festival were varied and intriguing. Lots of surprises, which is the feature of improvised music that keeps me coming back for more.

I was paired with Colter Frasier to start the random match up part of the festival. That provided an opportunity to stretch out on the newly aquired Bundt Pans and Slide Trumpet. I was a fun feature that was unique to this festival.

Here is the stream of the phog masheeen set at B-CIMF 2011. Also Available at