Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phog masheeen tracks on Ass Jazz Vol. 3

It is with great pleasure that we remind you that phog masheeen has been included in Pet Goat Records release Ass Jazz Vol. 3
The Ass Jazz series features the cutting edge of Noise with a Jazz lilt to it.
The phog masheeen track "Hard Liquor and Reruns" features some fine dry ice work.
So if you are a fan of the phog masheeen affectation for dry ice this is a fine sample of that work in a "quasi-tonal" noir setting. It is an excellent soundtrack for a stifling afternoon in a lowrise hollywood tenament, with the mood enhancers wearing off and nothing to replace the void...
Dig it here:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Phog masheeen performing this Sunday 4-19-15 5:30 PM at CALB 729 Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802.
Performing with Andrea Pensado and Isolde Tough. These Performers are ending their tour in Long Beach and are not to be missed! They killed it big time at Wonder Valley Experimental last weekend and you will forever live in regret if you miss their Long Beach show!