Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming Single, Upcoming Gigs

We just uploaded our submission to the WORLD ELECTROACOUSTIC LISTENING ROOM PROJECT. 
This is a collaboration with Leeesa Black who you may recollect voiced the character of "Cold" in the "Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold" CD.

The title of the song we submitted was "Palindrome Time" and the name of the project is Black Masheeen. "Palindrome Time" will be released as an Mp3 on CD Baby on Feb. 1 2013. The extra-special early adopter price will be $.45 per download. Yes that is 45 cents as a nod to 45 RPM singles of the past.

Bill did an amazing video for the song and it will be released as well ... shortly.

Upcoming gigs:

Friday, March 15: Phog Masheeen with bIrDoRgAn at 119 Gallery Lowell, Mass. 8PM

Saturday, March 16: Sonorium featuring Phog Masheeen in Salem, Mass. 8PM

Monday, March 18: Phog Masheeen at Weirdo Records in Cambridge,Mass. 8PM

Thursday, April 4: Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA 8PM

Saturday, April 6: Luna's, Sacramento, CA 8PM

Thursday, January 10, 2013

YouTube of Killradio.org show up!

The recording of the Kill Radio Broadcast lives on You Tube as well!
About 20 minutes into the set, listen for the crickets. They were mic'd with a Sure 56a. I thought they set well in the mix.

I guess it's old news, but, Congratulations to Actuary for their split with Merzbow! That is huge!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excitement builds for Boston trip. New recommendations.

First off, Thanks again to Ustad and Steve for having us on Open Windows on Killradio.org.  The link to the archive is here: http://archive.org/details/OpenWindowsKillradio.orgSteveBarattaPhogMasheen010713

On the way into the station we met Duke Westlake. He was in the process of killing it on the SP-555. I can only say that his skills were EPIC! This is important to me in that the SP-555 is a major tool in the phog masheeen arsonel. Big respect for Duke Westlake!

To check out Duke Westlake check his twitter feed https://twitter.com/DukeWestlake or his soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/dukewestlake

The trip to Boston in March is shaping up in a great way! We are on a bill at the 119 Gallery with Birdorgan. I am thrilled! A noise big band! Wow!

Thanks to Vanessa for the booking. This is turning to an epic trip!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kill Radio Tonight 11PM

The Digest-0-Phone debuts tonight!

Preperations are under way for the big Kill Radio performance on Monday the 7th at 11PM.
You can catch the stream here or find the archive.

What else is going on between 11:00 and Midnight on Monday?


It could be fun,