Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Excitement builds for Boston trip. New recommendations.

First off, Thanks again to Ustad and Steve for having us on Open Windows on  The link to the archive is here:

On the way into the station we met Duke Westlake. He was in the process of killing it on the SP-555. I can only say that his skills were EPIC! This is important to me in that the SP-555 is a major tool in the phog masheeen arsonel. Big respect for Duke Westlake!

To check out Duke Westlake check his twitter feed or his soundcloud

The trip to Boston in March is shaping up in a great way! We are on a bill at the 119 Gallery with Birdorgan. I am thrilled! A noise big band! Wow!

Thanks to Vanessa for the booking. This is turning to an epic trip!

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