Friday, August 27, 2010

Desert Experimental pic, video work and stuff...

Skating the thin ice of non-diatonic music.

Seeking a moment of perfect clarity by playing three valves with one finger.

All while in the disassembled hangar at the Palms in Wonder Valley.

I have been working on props, scripting a video production and struggling to complete 23 Duets. I am going to seek some inspiration from Coffee.

I also want to put together a totally trimmed down set up for Soundwalk. Ultra portable and battery powered. More on that as it develops.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Desert Experimental 3AM, no show at the Puka Bar...

Desert Experimental was great in many different ways.
By the time we got on it was 3AM. I was glad it wasn't sunrise. We wouldn't have been able to see Bill's Videos. The set went well and we missed the lone heckler.

The lone heckler was the daytime bar tender at the Palms and voiced her opinions about every performer till about 2 AM when the bar closed and she went home. I missed much of her schtick but I was told she was relentless.

On Monday I went to the Puka Bar for noise night, however it didn't happen and the usual suspects arrived and loitered around and groused for a while then wondered off. As they say.... better luck next month.

We got accepted to the soundwalk for another thrilling year! The performances this year will be nomadic and will be announced on twitter. You can follow this mirth and merriment by following @phogmasheeen on twitter.

gotta run,


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gearing up for Desert Experimental!

We are gearing up for Desert Experimental out in Wonder Valley @ the Palms.
One good reason to attend this event is the Palms itself.

If we ever colonize another planet.....say Mars. If there is a bar there. And there will be a bar there.... it will look like the Palms.

The Palms is the bar at the end of the universe....a remote location for people who thrive on remote locations. You can camp on the site. An advantage since returning to your tent is nicer than a long drive. Any other location is a long drive.

If you need to leave a city or a suburb, the Palms is the way to do it. When you eventually return to whatever your situation is, things seem less precious and it seems easier to let things that seemed so important before..... go. Sometimes forever.

As the third stop for the "Arthroscopic Tourism" show we are frothing with excitement at another opportunity to trot this out to the Palms.

Dr. Kaplan has a new piece for her arsenal of percussion. A gift from the owner of the Sky Village Swapmeet in Yucca Valley, Bob. It is a mirror from one of the movie projectors. Polished steel to endure the heat from the arc-light in the projector. It is beautiful to see as well as hear. It makes a low gong-like sound that seems to sustain forever. It is an excellent addition to her collection of re-purposed percussion, a good amount of which was found at the Sky Village Swapmeet.