Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Desert Experimental 3AM, no show at the Puka Bar...

Desert Experimental was great in many different ways.
By the time we got on it was 3AM. I was glad it wasn't sunrise. We wouldn't have been able to see Bill's Videos. The set went well and we missed the lone heckler.

The lone heckler was the daytime bar tender at the Palms and voiced her opinions about every performer till about 2 AM when the bar closed and she went home. I missed much of her schtick but I was told she was relentless.

On Monday I went to the Puka Bar for noise night, however it didn't happen and the usual suspects arrived and loitered around and groused for a while then wondered off. As they say.... better luck next month.

We got accepted to the soundwalk for another thrilling year! The performances this year will be nomadic and will be announced on twitter. You can follow this mirth and merriment by following @phogmasheeen on twitter.

gotta run,


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