Thursday, November 25, 2010

Plastic is the future of Brass - The Vuvuzela

I was pondering if the World Cup was a world class noise event and whether the plastic Vuvuzela is the future of brass performance. The sound of the world cup was either the sound of angry insects or a soothing drone. Depending on your perspective. I was amused by the plastic horn as weapon of mass insurrection. No play by play or color. no announcer re-stating what had happened. Just the harsh fog of angry plastic horns. Cheap, loud and endless. Wow! The convergence of marketing and conceptual art. Since no one has claimed the idea, I suppose it will be noted as a cultural fluke.

I am considering ways to integrate the subtle nuances of the Vuvuzela into the phog masheeen Ĺ“uvre.

Luggage Store Drone, Boston in April!

I have some travel in the offing....Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco on 12-16-10 for Drone night, 12-17-10 in Oakland in the band for Frank Moore. On the topic of Frank Moore, he is a constant inspiration. When you see what he has achieved it permanently changes your perspective on what is possible. A perspective that cuts right through the whiney BS that people produce to excuse their lack of focus or motivation. And he has such a fine time doing it. Amazing!

A little down the road, there is a trip to Boston in the works for early April. That includes a talk with the title of: "The changing context of improvisation: unplayable instruments, disaster management and the safe handling of dry ice." More details as they become available.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't operate heavy equipment after the L-Tryptophan kicks in.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jawbone Canyon Set up for your listening pleasure...

The Jawbone Canyon Set us up Here.
This was a decidedly harsh set. I attribute this to going on after +DOG+.
The theme here seems to be "A fist full of Samples." One at a time is clearly not enough. Some delightful moments with the dry ice and some "lyrical" lines played on the Duodenum.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gothenburg Sweden show up for your streaming pleasure!

Another streaming set turned in to Gothenburg Sweden at Galleri 54 Placard.
The set is available at: