Thursday, November 25, 2010

Luggage Store Drone, Boston in April!

I have some travel in the offing....Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco on 12-16-10 for Drone night, 12-17-10 in Oakland in the band for Frank Moore. On the topic of Frank Moore, he is a constant inspiration. When you see what he has achieved it permanently changes your perspective on what is possible. A perspective that cuts right through the whiney BS that people produce to excuse their lack of focus or motivation. And he has such a fine time doing it. Amazing!

A little down the road, there is a trip to Boston in the works for early April. That includes a talk with the title of: "The changing context of improvisation: unplayable instruments, disaster management and the safe handling of dry ice." More details as they become available.

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't operate heavy equipment after the L-Tryptophan kicks in.

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