Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photos from Club Bit Map!

Everyone loves to see Gear! We will start there. This pic is of Igor Amokian's set up on the two left tables and the third table on the right is Big Epoch's rig. Note that the blue, green and yellow drum pad toy also lit up when played!

Here is the view of Big Epoch's setup on the lower left.
I will note that Big Epoch is the master of the Kaos pad. To watch him run it is an education. Impressive!

Phog gear. Groove box, filter, fuzztone, mixer. Good for parking blunted beats over Philip Glass or Carl Orff. In the course of the evening tracks by Art Ensemble of Chicago, Miles Davis, Steve Reich and more were mixed with beats as break music. It is an homage to the the true pioneers that opened the door to the noisy life we lead. The mixes were done with the upmost respect. Really! This is not an ironic statement!

Dan from Clown's and Fetuses working the dance floor!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Club Bit Map Recap, Link to recording.

Last nights Club Bit Map at the Puka Bar in Long Beach has been recorded and is available for your listen pleasure HERE.
It features great sets by Igor Amokian and Big Epoch as well as a jam with Amokian, Epoch and phog masheeen.
Included is the dance lesson of how to do the new dance "The Buddah got a lap-band" also the costume contest and other mirth and merriment.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video promo for Club Bit Map!

Coming this Monday!
Club Bit Map! Circuit bent dance club!
Costume Contest with a Cash Prize! Dance lessons & Big fun!
Monday 10-25-10 8PM
Puka Bar, 710 Willow, Long Beach.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Next up, Jawbone Canyon...Vids from OCCCA....

Jawbone Canyon in the beautiful Mojave is coming up on 10-22-10.
For those of you who like some adventure with your noise. This is an opportunity to camp and do all the desert entertainments.
Not for everyone, But it could be fun!
Here is Vid from the OCCCA show.

More OCCCA show....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New track up for your amusement and perusal!

There is a New track up for your amusement and perusal!
Airlock is culled from the upcoming phog masheeen CD "23 Duets."
It is at the Santa Ana Noise festival page on Sound Cloud.

Enjoy all the tracks from the performers!

This Saturday! Santa Ana & Bucharest!

This Saturday is the OCCCA show I am thrilled to be on that bill with the who's who of the local noise scene!

I just got back from Chicago. Interesting town that Chicago. The temperatures were just starting to dip. The locals bleed anti-freeze when they are cut. I however, do not have the midwest attribute of being impervious to low temps. I bought a wool coat at a Goodwill to address the issue. Nice Coat, $12.06. It looks like it might have fed some moths along the way.