Monday, October 3, 2011

Soundwalk 2011 Recap!

Thank you Igor Amokian for filming the phog masheeen snippet for Youtube. It was a perfect evening, warm and dry. Big thanks to Ryan Hunt who joined us as Pick-0-phone operator and Eric Strauss who sat-in with Dr. Kaplan on percussion!

Next we are on to Jawbone Canyon in the Mojave desert on Oct. 21st and 22nd. Phog masheeen will be performing on Friday the 21st. This event is a free and fun campout.

Jawbone Canyon is as "Mixed Use" as it gets. Guns, Dirt Bikes and Noise Concerts, it all happens there. It is a post-apocalyptic weekend with gas enough for everyone. Worth checking out if you can hang with sleeping on the ground.

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