Sunday, May 20, 2012

phog masheeen live at Dung Mummy VI w/dirt and fire!

Here is the recording of the phog masheeen performance  May 18, 2012 at the
OAK SPRINGS RANCH RIDINGSTABLES in the hills above Victorville. The event was put on by the Hop-Frog Collective and was named Dung Mummy VI w/dirt and fire.

There is little doubt that the road to the event sorted out the adventurers from the Sunday drivers. It was daunting.

We sorted our circuitry in a differently, I was pleased with the results, check it out!

The Stage

Residual material from the ranch being used as a paintball course. 

The Fire ring, Note the Mannequins standing guard.

Henry Barnes, inventor, guitarist, visionary. By speaking in a language of guitars and circuitry he is a roll model for modern man.

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