Thursday, October 25, 2012

What we are working on here at phog masheeen central and the Henry Rollins article...

Here at phog masheeen central we have a variety of irons in the fire.
Eric Strauss with two early versions of the Shambler,
William is building a DVD of performances featuring HD renditions of his hand crafted videos to be seen with actual recordings of the gigs. We are very excited about this and it documents the Tinnitus 2 Go series of shows. Included will be the Norcal Noisefest Set as well as MeowMeow's one stop Rock Shop. For these sets Eric Strauss was laying down swaths of sound with the Shambler. The Shambler being the sonic tool that Eric fabricated.

The DVD offers a way to see Bill's video they way they were intended. The projections at some of the venues were at best, sub-prime.

We are working on setting up gigs into 2013 and continue to promote the Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold.

On the gig front the next event is the Santa Ana Noise Fest on December 8th. This promises to be an epic night of experimental music. Fun and FREE! If you are in So-cal it is not to be missed!

On a different note, Eric Strauss tipped me to this:

Henry Rollins weighing in on the noise scene. I liked it.

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