Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thanks Ken Rugg, Tam Recap. On To Outsound!

Things are really rolling here at the Costal Lair.
The Torrance Art Museum show was a great success. Five seamless hours of performance.
I am thankful to be in such auspicious company with Eric Strauss and the Divine Brick Research team. We augmented the phog masheeen core group (William Almas, Dr. Kaplan) with Tim Fritch on Clarenet, shop-vac and bundt pan.

The Arthroscopic tourism Tour kicks off at the Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco. We are thrilled to be a part of the Summit. I am flying up for the "Touch the Gear" portion of the Summit on Sunday July 18th. Where people can check out the performer's gear and try it out. Very Cool! Then we drive up on Thursday to see shows and to perform on Saturday the 24th.

Ken Rugg's video of Eric Strauss' piece at the Torrance Art Museum.

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