Friday, July 2, 2010

Torrancen Art Museum Tomorrow 7/3/2010

Compositions will be presented as a continuous stream of interconnected events that will transform the Torrance Art Museum into a cooperative sound/media installation and minimal conceptual circus. This performance exhibition will be curated by the Long Beach group FLOOD who produces and curates SoundWalk, a one-night multi-media event dedicated to sound art.

WHAT: Sound Art Exhibition curated by FLOOD (Kamran Assadi, Frauke von der Horst, Shelley Rugg-Thorp, Shea M Gauer, Marco Schindelmann)

WHO: Jose Juarez (Divine Brick Research Project featuring:Aaron Moreno), phog masheeen, Eric Strauss and FLOOD (refer to artist bios below)

WHERE: Torrance Art Museum (TAM), 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 618-6340

WHEN: Saturday, July 3rd (11:00AM-5:00PM)


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