Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is the weekend for the Santa Ana Noise Festival #4!
At the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.
117 North Sycamore, 
Santa Ana, CA. 92701 USA

Here is the Google maps link for the OCCCA:

The OCCCA site has detailed information on the parking options in the area.

Here is the link to that page: http://www.OCCCA.ORG/GALLERY-INFO.html

SANF4, 12-8-2012: LINEUP

11:00 PM Noise Circle

11- Yard Goat:
10- Cold Grey Eye:
9:30 PM++++

9- +DOG+:
8- Grizzly:
7- Six Mystic Points:
8:00 PM++++

6- Craig Sibley:
5- Endometrium Cuntplow:
4- Randy Jim
6:30 PM++++

2- Jesus is Dead:
1- phog masheeen:
5:00 PM START+

Also the new phog masheeen DVD will be available for sale!

Big fun, Don't miss it! Bring Ear Plugs!

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